Face Design

I started  Project Face Design because the current multitude of possibilities to enhance the  human face leads to questions. Nowadays cosmetic procedures have become popular and very accessible. In my medical cosmetic practice the question for me and my clients arises what to do, but more important what not to do?  When do you cross the border of what still looks natural? How much Botox can you use before you lose too much facial expression? Is it OK to do nothing and let your face reflect your age? The more you get to choose from, the more complex it gets…  

In addition to my medical profession I am also educated as an artist. With regard to the human face I have a different perspective because of my combined professions. I’m looking for science, technology and design to come together to approach the human face on a different level.

For Project Face Design I filmed myself making 18 facial expressions before and after having undergone ‘full facial’ botulinum toxin injections. I noticed how difficult it is to show anger when you can’t frown, or disgust when you can’t depress the corners of your mouth.