FACE DESIGN, background information

For the past twenty years, the demand for cosmetic procedures to the face has increased drastically. New technologies have become available that make it possible to look ‘better and younger’. In particular, the use of botulinum toxin has increased enormously. The number of botulinum toxin treatments in the USA increased from 65 thousand in 1997 to more than 4.5 million in 2016. This increase is also reflected in my own medical-cosmetic practice in the Netherlands. The taboo on the use of botulinum toxin is beginning to disappear and more and more people want to have their appearance improved. However, they are also afraid to “lose themselves”: While eager to be treated, many clients stress that it should look natural and they don’t want anyone to notice that they had something done.

But what is it that makes a face look unnatural after botulinum toxin injections?
And will we still understand one another if we can no longer fully utilize our facial expressions in non-verbal communication?